Verbufa Y dosing machine for  packaging lines

Verbufa Y dosing machine for packaging lines

The Verbufa Y dosing machine has been specially developed for dosing and filling during the packaging process. The servo-driven linear motion of the dosing heads ensures optimal coverage of the base and a smooth surface without smearing, thus guaranteeing a clean sealing edge. Thanks to the easily changeable and adjustable dosing heads, countless products can be filled. For example, the machine can be fitted with small dosing heads in order to fill small cups or tubs with products such as cheese spread or butter.


1670x1150x1400mm (LxWxH)


380 Kg.

Connection Voltage

230V / 10 A / 50 Hz / 6 bar

Direct connection to every Handtmann

VF5XX, VF6XX and VF8XX series