Verbufa Single Lane Forming Machine MBF-1 (COEX)

Verbufa Single Lane Forming Machine MBF-1 (COEX)

The Verbufa MBF-1 single lane forming machine makes it possible to portion and shape a wide variety of products at a rapid rate. Using this system, it is possible to produce meatballs/dumplings, sticks, burgers and slices, etc. The forming machines integrated flattening belt and perforating roller also allow production of hamburgers, patties and German burgers to home-made quality levels.

The MBF-1 connects directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler’s output allowing a high degree of weight and portioning accuracy.


Verbufa MBF-1 COEX

Optionally the MBF-1 can be equipped as a COEX Machine for the production of filled products such as potato and cheese products filled with vegetables, meatballs with sauce and filled frikadellers and burgers.


1421x715x1551mm (LxWxH)

2300x830x1600mm (LxWxH) VHM-1 Special

Conveyor belt Width


260mm (Special)


300 Kg.

370 Kg. (Special) 

Connection Voltage


230V / 10 A / 50 Hz Direct connection to every Handtmann VF5XX, VF6XX and VF8XX series. MBF-1 COEX: Direct connection to every Handtmann VF6XX  with PCK3 and VF8XX series