Rental solutions

Rental solutions


As a food producer, you want the most flexible production process possible with machines that can be easily adjusted in line with ever-changing customer demands. At Verbufa, we take a proactive, problem-solving approach to helping you meet this need, and we offer various flexible rental solutions such as:

  • Short-term rental of a machine to cope with production peaks;
  • Initial rental of a machine with the option to purchase it later on. Your rental payments are taken into account in the final purchase price;
  • Rental of a machine including annual maintenance;
  • Rental of a machine including annual maintenance, full warranty and support from our technologists.

Besides supporting a flexible production process, our rental solutions also offer you the following benefits:

  1. Fixed price: monthly rental fees include maintenance, so you will not incur unexpected costs;
  2. High reliability: our high-quality machines are kept in top condition by our technicians;
  3. Full focus: we proactively plan maintenance of your machines so you no longer have to worry about keeping your equipment up to date. This allows you to fully focus on your core business;
  4. Extra technological support: you can rely on the knowledge and expertise of our technologists, e.g. when manufacturing new products for the first time;
  5. Extended factory warranty: you receive a factory warranty for two years or 4,000 operating hours instead of the industry norm, which is usually one year or 1,000 operating hours;
  6. Cost per item/product: it is easy to calculate the unit cost of one product produced with your machine;
  7. Duration: at the end of your contract term, you can return the machine without any further obligation. This makes it easier for you to keep pace with the very latest technological developments.

If you are interested in renting a machine, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right solution for your production process.